Loan Services in India

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Loan Services in India

Given the state of the financial markets today, things are increasingly unpredictable, which is where you need some strong and solid support from experts like Apna Loan Guru who make sure you get the best option made available to you.

The top notch services provided by Apna Loan Guru can be the difference between you ending up with a loan that meets your needs or further add to your worries!

Personal loans are fairly standard as they sound. You borrow money for your own use. Might not have to face intrusive questions over what you're going to do with it. As long as they get their interest that is.

Home loans are a simpler form of mortage where you take out the money required for buying a home with that as your kind of mortgage guarantee. So if you fail to keep up with payments, this house gets seized.

Business loans could be for different trade related purposes where the guarantees depend on the amount borrowed and your business idea. The lenders want to cover their own backs when giving a loan. Apna Loan Guru ensures you get your cover as well.

Loan against property can be a bit trickier because the value of your property needs to match the loan amount.

Mortgage Loan in a generalised way is basically what you call a mortgage in everyday use. It has to be taken out against a physical structure owned by you. It could be a house, a building, some land.

Car loans aren't as simple as they sound. It won't be as straightforward as borrowing some money, signing on a piece of paper, then go for a long drive. Different banks offer different amounts and rates depending on factors such income and credit history.

Education Loan is again like any other loan, with a longer time frame for repayment. Some institutions offer 5 years, some more, others less. The period doesn't begin until you complete the intended period of study though. Of course you don't get much concession if you fail to complete the study in the required time frame.

Loan against shares provides you with the option of citing your share in some organisation as a mortgage for the loan. This is usually a facility available to individuals.

Loan against Gold would be another form of mortgage but against gold jewellery and ornaments. The benefit of doing this is that you don't have to sell it for the money.

Credit cards clear services you avail, which are paid for by the credit company and later reimbursed to them by you. There are different interest rates and charges on when you pay and how much you pay. Careful consideration is always required.

Mediclaim allows you to have some backing for yourself in case some unexpected emergency strikes you. Decisive factors for these are your medical history and income. Whatever you can end up paying each month contributes to what you get when you need money for medical treatments.

Insurance gives you some breathing space with regards to whatever you insure in case it gets damaged through no fault of yours. A regular amount you pay, ends up getting added to the amount you're entitled to when you need to replace or repair your insured item.

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