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Mediclaim is a kind of health insurance policy that protects an individual or a group when expenses are incurred during a medical emergency. There are different kinds of Mediclaim policies depending on the insuring agency and the range of conditions they cover. Mediclaim policies are increasing their range of coverage by including certain benefits that were earlier considered beyond their scope, such as dental treatments. Some health insurance policies offer tax benefits. The policy offered by Apna Loan Guru is one of the best of its kind.

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Mediclaim is a kind of health insurance policy that protects an individual or a group when expenses are incurred during a medical emergency. The agency offering such the protection or cover is called the insurer and the individual or group receiving the cover is called the insured. Both parties enter an agreement to pay a part of the expenses incurred for a medical emergency. The insured party usually pays this money in the form of monthly installments called premiums. On the other hand, the insurer agrees to pay a certain pre-determined part of the expenses if and when a medical emergency happens. We, at Apna Loan Guru have the best offers in place to help you decide on the right medical insurance.

Mediclaim: The Usual Claims

A Mediclaim policy typically does not cover cases of medical intervention for cosmetic purposes such as a rhinoplasty or orthodontic treatment. Policies that do include such coverage might be considered special cases. Moreover, the insurance premiums vary widely depending on the age and existing health conditions of an insured individual. For example, a person in his or her twenties will probably pay a premium amount that is much lower than that paid by someone who gets insured at the age of forty. Similarly, a person with a pre-existing heart condition or a family history of cancer might pay a higher premium than another person in the same age group but without these existing conditions and we have transparent procedures in place to judge these criteria.

Special Mediclaim Facilities

Special cases notwithstanding, Mediclaim policies are increasingly expanding their scopes to cover more and more cases that were earlier considered outside the purview of insurance coverage. For example, homoeopathy or certain kinds of holistic medicine such as naturopathy, that were not covered by Mediclaim policies earlier, might now be covered, offering the insured individual a greater range of choices for the type of medical treatment he or she can seek. Moreover, certain kinds of treatment, for example those sought for psychiatric disorders, formed a grey area in the world of medical insurance. Fortunately, these so-called special cases are being increasingly included under the general umbrella of medical insurance and we at Apna Loan Guru are taking active part in understanding an exploring these new areas to help our customers better.

Interestingly, the purpose of taking out Mediclaim policies is not just to have a financial safety net to fall back upon in case of an emergency. It usually also improves the quality of life of the insured individual or agency by providing the knowledge that such a safety net exists and one will not be left to fend for oneself if and when the unexpected happens. Apna Loan Guru as an insurer, a banker and a friend stays beside you to help you sail through smoothly.

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