Credit Card Services in India

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Credit Card Services in India

Credit card is an effective tool which helps the customer's to get access to money anytime. This facility is usually given by banks and the customer's need to open an account for that. And we at Apna Loan Guru help you with the next step, i.e repayment.

If you want to get rid of carrying cash with you every time, when you visit mall or a pub, then carry a Credit card. It not only helps you to buy products and items at any point of time anywhere in the world, but also helps you to repay the borrowed sum in equal monthly installments to the Credit card institutions. Over all, Credit card is plastic money which helps you to make purchases or pay bills to the sellers without cash. While Credit cards save you from carrying cash, we at Apna Loan Guru save you from carrying the burden of interests.


  1. When you are in dire need of money and you want immediate cash, then Credit cards are the only way out. You need to head straight to an ATM and do the necessary financial transaction.
  2. Another important feature is that the Credit cards help you to withdraw money in any currency. Indeed, travelers would love this facility as they can roam freely all over the world without worrying about cash.
  3. Some Credit card companies also offer special facilities like money back, special insurance packages on purchased goods. They even give free vacation packages to some of their customers.

However, there are a few things you need to remember before taking the final decision regarding applying for a Credit card. It's important to be aware of some of the common problems faced by the takers. Too much usage of the cards would lead you to debt. So you need to be cautious and make use of the cards judiciously. But if you still land into debts with the Credit cards, Apna Loan Guru comes to your rescue.

Credit Card India

You need to keep the cards safely as, if you lose them, then you might be burdened with extra expenses. You also need to check out the interest charges on various services offered because they are usually hidden charges and can crop up unexpectedly.

If you have submitted all the documents but still you do not get the card, then just contact the sale's person or the DSA who appointed him. You will get the details of the application status. You definitely need to have written document from the banks before taking the Credit card as sometimes, it is seen that you have been charged for a facility which was promised to be free and this is where our Apna Loan Guru Credit cards clear services come in handy.


If you want to have a Credit card, then you should keep some of the following documents handy because the Credit card issuing companies will definitely ask you for that. Here's a check list for your convenience.

  1. Before issuing you a Credit card, the banks usually check the residential status of the customers. You need to have your address proofs ready.
  2. The customers also need to submit their latest financial statements.
  3. The bank representatives also make a detail study of the credit history of the customers who had applied for the card. You need to keep records of your last six months bank pass book statements ready.
  4. You need to keep your pan card ready. The bank will ask you to submit your pan card details.
  5. Used judiciously, there can't be any better way to lead a financial-hassle free life than by carrying a Credit card at all times. But as said before if you still need help, please feel free to contact Apna Loan Guru.

Apply for Credit Card (Salaried)   Apply for Credit Card (Business)


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