Loan against Gold in India

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Loan against Gold in India

Taking Loan against Gold is a good solution for you when you need immediate cash. We sanction the gold loans usually within a day and the customers get their money as quickly as possible.

If you are in direct need of cash and are unable to wait for few weeks, then Loan against Gold from Apna Loan Guru is a perfect solution for you. Loan against Gold is far better than personal loan and loan against property as it takes less processing time and is usually sanctioned very quickly, at times within 24 hrs. Whether it is gold coins, gold bars or gold jewellery, the loan is sanctioned on any gold related items. Major advantage of this type of loan is that it usually requires minimum documentation. The only criteria that we keep in mind while sanctioning the Loan against Gold by the lenders, is the authenticity of the gold items.

The money lenders usually sanctions loan based on the value of the gold items provided. The customers usually get more than 70% of the prevailing market value of the gold as loan and we to work on the same lines.


If you want to take Loan against Gold, then you would be asked to provide some documents which should be prepared beforehand. Here’s a list to guide you through:

  1. You need to provide a proper identity card as the gold lenders will definitely ask you for that.
  2. The lenders will also ask for an address proof. So make sure you have one before applying for the loan.


  1. The processing time for Loan against Gold is very less. The gold loan lenders usually takes 3 to 4 hours for sanctioning the application given that all the documents are provided correctly but we make the procedure simpler and much faster.
  2. We, like the others usually do not ask for financial statements of the customers and hence you need not worry for that.
  3. The interest rates are also better compared to other loans available in the market.
  4. Although the repayment option varies among different lenders, our policies can be rated amongst some of the best available in the market.
  5. For this type of loan, you need not worry about your personal credit history as the only thing which is seen here while sanctioning the loan, is the gold items. No other statements are usually required.
  6. We usually sanction Loan against Gold without any prior charges.
  7. The major advantage of gold loan is that the customers can take loan amount as less as Rs 10,000.
Gold Loan India

Since, gold is usually associated with emotional ties of a person and if the customer is unable to pay the amount back, then that can be an emotional set back not only for the gold loan taker but also for the entire family. Sometimes, the rates for Loan against Gold are too high, then that becomes a burden for the customers.


If you want to take Loan against Gold, then you have to go through the under mentioned processes before getting the loan. Here’s a check list, just have a glance at it:
  1. There will be a valuation of the gold items provided by the customers. There will be our trained professionals who will evaluate the gold materials according to their parameters, and will decide on the market value of the gold.
  2. Then the customers will have to provide a valid identity and address proof.
  3. After all the initial formalities, you will have to sign the documents and the loan is all yours.


Overall, taking Loan against Gold is a very good option for you as its documentation process is quite simple and processing time is also less. It provides you with immediate cash when you need it the most and to add to that we at Apna Loan Guru make the whole experience much easier.

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