Apply for Loans in India

Apply for Loans in India

Potential clients for loans can apply for loans at Apna Loan Guru for Free.

Apply Loans in India

Apply for Personal Loans

If you are in need of a personal finance to fulfill your holiday package or you want to pay up your child's Education fee or to renovate your home or office or you want to have a small capital for your business, then you can apply for a personal loan at Apna Loan Guru. We will analyze and get you offers from the top banks and benefit you with best rate of interest.

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Apply for Home Loans

Is your dream home ready to occupy or your dream home is under construction or you want to transfer your home loan balance from a different bank, then you are at the right place to get the best offers from the top banks in India and also Apna Loan Guru assures you to get the best rate of Interest with maximum tenure and Loan Amount Eligibility for your Home Loan in India.

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Apply for Credit Card

Credit card is an effective tool which helps the customer's to get access to money anytime. This facility is usually given by banks and the customer's need to open an account for that. And we at Apna Loan Guru help you with the next step, i.e repayment.

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Apply for Business Loans

After you have decided as to how you are going to expand, the next vital element is the arrangement of capital and this where the Business Loan comes in. If you are self sufficient to raise the capital all by yourself well and good but if are unable to arrange the amount and keen on expanding a business then you can always approach some bank of your choice which will provide Business Loan to expand your trade. Apna Loan Guru is one such institution that can help you in raising the capital needed.

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Apply for Loan Against Property

Loan against property is an easy and quick procedure to get a loan as soon as possible. If you have an asset to offer as a security against the loan you're planning to take then it will not be a problem at all to get a loan with Apna Loan Guru guiding you through. People have various kinds of dreams to fulfill in their lifetime.

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Apply for Car Loan

Financing one's car through a Car loan can be happy experience. One needs to analyze key information and customize a loan plan with one's banker or financier for optimum benefits and we at Apna Loan Guru stand beside you to help you buy your dream car while managing finances easily.

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Apply for Education Loan

Education loan designed by Apna Loan Guru is the initiative taken to help the students to achieve their career goals. They also have the satisfaction of accomplishing their ambition absolutely at their own capability without putting any stress on their parents.

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Contact for Loan against Share

Loan against Share is the newest development in the field of secured loans and we, at Apna Loan Guru have adopted in its best form. In this loan some specified shares and similar securities are furnished to apply for it.

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Contact for Loan against Gold

Taking Loan against Gold is a good solution for you when you need immediate cash. We sanction the gold loans usually within a day and the customers get their money as quickly as possible.

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