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Insurance Schemes in India

Insurance is a contract between two parties - the insurer and the one seeking insurance - in which the seeker pays an amount of money to the insurer for a duration of time and in return expects guarantee of repayment for the loss of the insured article, be it life, automobile, property or any other item as the policy may contain. Apna Loan Guru insurance give you the best in class services.

Insurance is the practice by which a company guarantees to compensate for the loss or damage of some article, the item insured, in return of some payment by the seeker of insurance. Insurance is a kind of financial protection to an individual, a company or any entity against some pre-payment. Sometimes it is also referred to as a forceful savings of an individual or a family as the person seeking insurance is bound by contract with the insurer to pay in regular installments. It is also a method of protection from risk of loss. There are various kinds of Insurance in the market, and while some are compulsory by the law, others are optional and open for individual choice and we at Apna Loan Guru have all the options available.

Insurance Services India

In India, insurance finds mention in ancient books like Manusmriti of Manu, Dharmashastra of Yajnavalkya and Kautilya's Arthashastra. But the modern form of insurance was brought to India by the British Raj.

Types of Insurance:

The two main categories of insurance are Life Insurance and general insurance. While Life Insurance, which is most widely known and deals with insuring lives, general insurance include all other types of (non-life) insurance and Apna Loan Guru offers you the best deals in both. Let us look at the various kinds of insurance in the market.

Life Insurance, the most popular type of insurance, has two benefits encapsulated into one. While it provides a mortality benefit, promising to pay a sum of money in case of death of the life insured, it also has an earning, which the insurer pays at the end of term. The Property insurance provides security to property and promises to fund losses made from theft etc. and natural or man-made calamities. Property insurance is applicable for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Next in the line is health insurance or medical insurance, also known as Mediclaim policy. It aims at providing financial aids during major health problems, including accidental injuries. Auto insurance is another type of insurance available. It provides financial protection to automobiles from various damages that can occur while on the road. Business insurance, which is quite like the property insurance, provides security to business organization from various mishaps.

There are other insurance policies, which may fall under any of the above categories, designed to suit the requirements of the customers. Such examples include policies for child education, retirement plans, money-back policy and combinations of these. Apna Loan Guru offers you the best in class services as well as deals in all sectors of insurance.

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