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Home Loan Amount Eligibility Calculator, Find Home Loan Amount based on EMI

You have a monthly budget to pay for a Home loan and if you want to figure out, how much principal loan amount will be in your hand. Then use our Final Home Loan Amount based on EMI Calculator.

Dipti wants to take a home loan based on her monthly budget which she can pay for her monthly installment. She is ready to pay 25000 as an installment every month with an annual reducing interest rate of 12%. And she wants to clear off her loan with in 20 years (240 months). So before approaching the bank, now she wants to know that what is the loan amount she is eligible for and will that loan amount help her in her cause based on her monthly emi budget. Dipti can really make use of below given loan amount calculator for such a cause.

How to use Loan Amount Eligibility Calculator?

Just drag the Monthly Budget EMI slider to your desired monthly installment budget. Now, if you have spoken to a bank and know the Monthly Reducing Interest Rate, just use the slider to adjust to the correct interest rate and finally, choose the time period in years. There you go, you have just calculated your Principal Loan Amount which will be coming to your hand.

Loan Amount Finder based on EMI
Monthly Budget (EMI)
Reducing Interest Rate
Time (years)
Principal Loan Amount

In the below table, you can use paise value to exaclty find the round principal amount. Use it as per your convenience.

You can calculate for any type of loan, for example, home loan, personal loan, business loan, loan against property, car loan, etc.,

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